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DV2020 and DV2021 Lottery Mandamus Litigation

Kristina Ghazaryan is involved with DV2020 and DV2021 lottery mandamus litigation and represented thousands of DV 2020 and DV2021 selectees in Gomez et al v. Trump et al. and Goodluck et al. v. Biden et al.

Currently our office provides legal services to individuals who have been selected for the Diversity Visa Lottery. Our office will review your case and, if appropriate, file a writ of mandamus in federal court to compel the scheduling of the immigrant visa interview. 

Mandamus Litigation for Family Based Petitions

Mandamus litigation is a process through which a person can file a petition asking the court to order a government agency or official to take a specific action. In family based petitions, mandamus litigation can be used to ask the court to order the government to adjudicate a petition for a family member.

Kristina Ghazaryan represented hundreds of  U.S. Petitioners in Young v. Trump et al. and Rai el al. v. Biden et al. in federal  district court. 


 Over 15 Years of Experience in the Field

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If you are seeking legal assistance with your immigration status, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Kristina Ghazaryan can help you navigate the complex legal process and fight for your rights.

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